Day 4

After our big night we arrived at breakfast at the truck, with Mama (Gerty) having a laugh while watching our dreadful faces. Eggs helped, and even more the snooze during the long drive to the Himba village in the early morning.

We got there and met our guide Pinias, who took us through the village and into the huts in which the tribe lives. It was a bit surreal, almost uncomfortable, entering the village and watching the people and their habits like if they were animals in a zoo. Gerty told us not to feel bad though, since the Himba tribe is grateful for tourists providing funds for them.DSC00412

It was very hot, and despite the discomfort and the embarassment¬†¬†, the tribe’s traditions were fascinating, as well as their amazing long red hair and the ocra painting all over their body which makes them the most photographed people in Namibia. They are never allowed to use water to wash themselves, they only use ash from a fire to smoke themselves instead and sweat out to get purified.

After the Himba tour, we went back and had lunch at the truck before heading off to our next accommodation in Khorixas. We chilled by the pool for the rest of the afternoon, a perfect breeze coming through to keep us cool, and one ostrich came to see us as well as a couple of springboks.

Dinner was served by the truck, another lovely meal from Gerty’s hands. Sweet potatoes and potatoes with cheese and beef, yum.
Everyone’s hangover was still pretty strong, and we’re in bed by 9pm since the wake up for tomorrow is 5:20 am for brekky!



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