Bologna in one day: must sees

Here is what you must see in a one day trip to Bologna, best food, unmissable churches and things to do, walks and great drinking spots.

Where to eat:
Trattoria del Ghiottone is a must. Family run, simple local cuisine, all made better by the hands of the grandmother that makes those amazing tortellini and that ragù that you’ll never forget. Anything that involves Porcini is also a must try. There is no menu, so you must trust them and let them guide you. Not in the historical centre but worth the walk, also while getting there from the centre you’ll discover a great street for nightlife and drinking spots, worth stopping for an aperitivo on the way or “amaro” on the way home. You’ll see a more residential face of the city, where the real people live.

Salumeria Simoni: there is a good reason why they are number 1 on Trip Advisor. Their Royale affettati is mouth watering, fantastic mortadella, aged parma ham and of course parmigiano. Stracchino is also fabulous and the various other meats too. Perfect with a glass of the Sangiovese from Emilia Romagna. Friendly staff and great for food shopping too (truffle paste and oil!) and affordable.

What to see:

  1. Archiginnasio and teatro anatomico (my favourite!)
  2. Basilica di Santo Stefano 
  3. Basilica di San Petronio
  4. Salaborse biblioteca 
  5. Piazza Maggiore
  6. Torre degli asinelli 
  7. Chiesa di San Pietro
  8. Santa Maria della Vita
  9. Museo della storia di Bologna a Palazzo Pepoli (great intro to the history of the city)
  10. Remember to get lost under the romantic portici (there is plenty of choice, 47km of them!)


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