Ciao! I’m Matilde and I will be writing most of this blog. The second writer is called Charles Robert Bruce (who has 3 first names?!) , and his English is only slightly better than mine, even if he is from Oxford and I am from Milan.

We met on a cold January night in 2012, at the Duke of Edinburgh pub in Brixton (for the Londoners that are reading this) and have somehow managed to tolerate each other ever since.

This is despite adding obstacles en route such as living together, adding a very fluffy, very stupid cat called Mr Jenkins in our lives, and Bruce always leaving the fridge door open for AGES.

There is a tiny age gap of just over a decade between us. I’m 26 and Bruce is the old fart at 38. (Rob does a *HIGHFIVE* with the cat).

For context, he refers to himself as Rob, I call him Bruce because no one else does and I like the “exclusive”.

We have decided to embark on an adventure, travelling the world at high speed, trying to see as much of the planet as we can: 15 countries in six months.

We knew Insurance was very important – but it seems Life insurance is more vital than Travel insurance as now all our friends want to kill us.

We are both obsessed with organisation, and love planning. You will find a lot of tips and links on here about planning a big trip – some hopefully useful, some a bit too geeky.

Our simple philosophy is: Life is One! So we’d better make the most of it. Original eh?! Whenever we are deciding whether to do something we usually end up saying “Life is One” to justify it.

The next time you are unsure about whether to buy another round of drinks, book that new restaurant or finish all the cake – just say LIFE IS ONE and go for it. You might end up obese and poor, but most likely you’ll just end up happy!

“No-one ever said on their deathbed: I wish I had spent more time at work”

“Who wants to be the richest one in the graveyard?” 

“Live every day like it’s your last”

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